Shido is simplifying the meme world with our AI-powered and community-driven meme generation platform. Supercharge your meme game with the easiest way to create fun and high-quality memes.

The Platform

The Shido platform is the easiest way to use AI to create the best memes on the net. We employ advanced AI technology to help create relevant memes based on user-provided text prompts.

Buy our native token $SHIDO to purchase credits for our AI-powered meme generator and take your meme game to a powerful level.

Shido’s generator uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to create contextually relevant memes, trained on extensive meme datasets and crypto news. This ensures high-quality, up-to-date memes.

How it works

Stake Your SHIDO TOkens

To make full use of the Shido meme generation platform, make sure you’ve bought and staked $SHIDO tokens. Staking generates credits, which can be used to access the meme creator.

Generate New Memes

Provide text inputs to the meme generator and our smart AI will use it to create the best possible original meme. Make sure you provide as much information as possible to ensure the best results.

Edit And Share

You’ll have the opportunity to regenerate memes or customize them using the meme editor. Once you’re happy with your new meme, post them on the public wall or share them on social media.


Powering the Shido ecosystem is the $SHIDO token. The Ethereum-based ERC 20 token plays a central role in the meme generation platform.

Holders can exchange platform credits for $SHIDO tokens, stake $SHIDO tokens for credits or passive rewards, or simply boost the reach of their memes on the public wall, increasing the chance of winning meme competitions and earning more $SHIDO.


Shido is building a platform capable of revolutionizing the way internet memes are created and consumed, in five phases of development.


Find Answers To Common Questions About Our Platform.

Shido is addressing a growing problem on Crypto Twitter and other social media – the regurgitation of the same stale memes. We’re injecting life into meme creation through the power of $SHIDO tokens.

The $SHIDO token is the key to accessing our bespoke AI generation tools. $SHIDO token holders will receive special benefits such as exclusive access to advanced meme generation software, airdrops, and more.

We’ll list the $SHIDO token on UNISWAP and on a later phase on a top DEX as planned on roadmap. Our aim is also to secure top CEX listings. You can add the token to your wallet by adding the token contract: 0x77fe3cf01a7b39249f0b49d5891195fe15b3fa81

Staking $SHIDO tokens builds up credits for users. Credits will allow access to the AiDoge platform’s meme generation features.

The Shido meme generation platform is earmarked to go live in 2024 and will operate based on users’ credit balances earned via staking.

Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies may go down as well as up. Advising tradinng at your own risk!

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